Women In Business


Nigerian Women in the UK are largely professionals working in one professional vocation or another. It has been found that most women between the age group of forty five and fifty desire to opt for self employment as a way of taking charge of their destiny after being in full time employment for approximately twenty years.


Unfortunately, research shows that this cluster group finds it difficult to identify support in realizing their desired dreams of setting up a viable business initiative thus bringing about frustration. With this in mind the Nigerian British Business Forum Women in Business initiative has been developed with the main aim of providing support for Nigerian Women based in the United Kingdom who are in need of a viable business scheme.


We will help by providing business workshops, seminars and mentoring programmes aimed at preparing them for the real business world.
In line with our strategy in establishing a viable platform for Nigerian UK based business women, an annual Nigerian UK Woman in Business conference will hold at a prestigious central London venue. The conference is aimed at bringing all facets of Business women both in Nigeria and the UK to discuss a wide range of issues affecting women in business. More on this can be found on our events section.