Sheun David-Onamusi

Sheun David-Onamusi

Founder – Solemate by Dapper – Luxury bespoke shoes
“Helping Men find their Solemate”


In 2009 Sheun Opened Nigeria’s first franchise store for UK retailer TM Lewin in Abuja.
In the first year it became one of the most profitable stores within the T.M. Lewin Franchise portfolio.

This phenomenal success of the store in the first year opened the door for Sheun to consult for Inditex owners of Zara. In 2012 Sheun took the big leap into his dream world and founded – Still Dapper UK Ltd, a lifestyle brand and owners of a Luxury Bespoke UK Shoe company called Solemate by Dapper.

His mission: Simply to provide high end quality shoes; Inspiring Confidence; Building Trust and Redefining Luxury.

Sheun believes it’s not just good enough to talk about dreams but much more important is the need to live out the dream. Sheun is happily married and when not speaking, writing, consulting or carrying out entrepreneurial duties he spends time playing basketball

His Mantra is to Train, develop & inspire individuals, leaders & organisations to build trust, value excellence & pursue purpose, which in turn creates holistic success.