NBBF Nation Builders initiative is responsible for the contribution towards nation development in Nigeria. The initiative has about twenty sub-committees whose role is to develop a robust and sustainable strategy towards Nation Building in Nigeria.


The NBBF Sub-Sectors are chaired by highly competent and experienced UK based Nigerian professionals. Their role is to ensure that the committees work in achieving goals and targets set by the Forum


Chairperson: Dr (Mrs) Sola Adesola

The NBBF Education sub-sector is responsible for promoting and supporting the need for higher quality of educational standards in Nigeria through workshops, seminars, symposiums, and direct consulting exercise. This sector also operates as an interface between foreign donor agencies and the relevant organizations in Nigeria More…

 Events & Sponsorship 

Chairperson: Ms Bunmi Mustapha 

This is the sub-sector that coordinates all NBBF events. The sub-sector works directly with other sub-sectors who have events planned for the course of the year, whilst in the same vein; a comprehensive calendar for the entire forum’s annual programme is developed. The role of the sub-sector also extends to the planning of all the set events and securing sponsorship More…

 Export Promotions 

Chairperson: Mr William Oyewole 

The main thrust of this sub-sector is to provide the necessary support needed for members of the community who desire to participate in the business of exports from Nigeria. Workshops and seminars on imports & exports are part of the programmes planned by the sub-sector More…


Chairperson: Mr Lance Kadiri 

NBBF Finance sub-sector role is to primarily identify various financial packages available in the UK aimed at supporting both UK- Nigerian businesses and those based in Nigeria. The members of the sub-sector are chosen experts in the field of finance More…


Chairperson: Dr Monica Alabi 

NBBF Health sub- sector’s primary aim is to develop programmes geared towards supporting the Nigerian Health sector. This service also extends to the promotion of business opportunities within the health sector mainly for Nigerian-British health professional’s resident both in the UK and Nigeria. These initiatives are planned to be implemented through direct communications and targeted workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions More…

Housing Agenda 

Chairperson: Mr. Mayowa Oloyede

In line with the national millennium housing agenda, Nigeria currently operates at about seventeen million in housing deficit and the numbers will certainly continue to increase if a broad-based strategy to shore up social housing is not rapidly developed and implemented. The NBBF- Sub Sub-sector for social housing as part of its reference point will be developing a roadmap and sustainable strategy aimed at supporting the Federal Government’s plans in achieving a steady annual growth in line with its fiscal policy More…

Industry & Manufacturing

Chairperson: Mr Obafemi Esuruoso 

the Nigerian-British Business Forum Industry & Manufacturing sub-sector is responsible for the development of Light Industrial & Manufacturing blueprint for Nigerians in the UK who desire to set up light industries in Nigeria. The aim of the Industrial Parks is to provide all the ancillary support for prospective investors. This service also extends to structuring joint venture partnerships between the UK-based investors and their Nigerian counterparts More…

Information Technology 

Chairperson: Mrs. Abiola Obileye 

NBBF Information Technology sub-sector’s main aim is to devise a practical and effective strategy designed to promote the skills, services, and products of members of the Nigerian Information Technology community thus establishing the brand as globally recognized and accepted. This strategy is hoped to be achieved through market awareness, workshops, publications and exhibitions More…


Chairperson: Engr Dapo Sulu 

This sub-sector aims to organise regular infrastructural related events on energy/power, transportation, housing, water and education. The objective of such events is to present the huge opportunities available in these sectors to our members More…

Innovation & Technology

Chairperson: Engr (Mrs) Funke Georgina Ayoola 

The innovation sub-sector is committed to promoting innovation within the UK- Nigerian community. The sub-sector aims to develop a database of Nigerian Inventors in the UK and Nigeria thus creating a platform for mentoring and projecting their skills globally. The ultimate objective is to encourage innovation and technology as an integral part of Nigeria’s long term development plan. In line with this, the sub-sector intends to host workshops and exhibitions on innovation as part of its annual programmes More…

 Government & Community

Chairperson: Dr Anna Vanderpuye- Owunne

The Inter – Government & Community sub-sector’s role is to work closely with government and community bodies, establishing relationships with them and also bringing to the forums attention government policies that are vital to the forum and its members More…

Legal Resources 

Chairperson: Ms Jennifer Obaseki 

The Legal Resource sub-sector is responsible for guiding and advising the business community on all aspects of the law and interpretation of them in line with government policies and regulations. The sector’s regular seminars are aimed at touching on all such issues relevant to the wellbeing of the community More…

Young Entrepreneurs 

Chairperson: Mr Ademola Adesina 

The Young Entrepreneurs sub-sector is tasked with the responsibility of developing a wide range of initiatives for young Nigerian Entrepreneurs based in the United Kingdom More…

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