The Nigerian-British Business Forum


……20-year plan for its Youth Business Club: 17th March 2017 to 17th March 2037



African entrepreneurship is central to Africa’s future prosperity. The biggest business opportunities in the coming decade will be created by Africans who start businesses, generate jobs and wealth, and capture growth opportunities.

African entrepreneurs can change the world; it is time that we give them the platform to do so.

Wiebe Boer (CEO of the Tony Elumelu foundation)

As a young Nigerian entrepreneur you are sitting on a largely untapped gold mine.

You have unrivaled access to one of the most fertile, untapped and profitable business grounds in the world.

You are a key stakeholder in what is rightly described as a mixed economy merging market.

Any entrepreneur knows beyond any doubt that opportunities abound in a country that is not fully developed.

Entrepreneurship: A focus for your passion, a springboard to your wealth but most of all the primary catalyst

for the economic renaissance of Nigeria and her ailing economy

Various fields of research make it clear that younger adults are more likely to start a business, most especially

college and university graduates or those pursuing higher education; and because we truly believe in the concept

of the “Nigerian Entrepreneur, the NBBF has taken the bold step of creating a forum tasked with developing and

nurturing UK based young adults of Nigerian origin aged between 18 and 35.

We have called this The Nigerian-British Business Forum Youth Business Club (NBBF+Y)

The NBBF Youth Club Vision: Destination 2037

(Thursday 17th March to Tuesday 17th March 2037)

What is Destination 2037?

The implementation of a 20-year road map aimed at the creation of a significant number of hugely successful

entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of Nigerian origin within the membership.

To have as part of the NBBF Youth Club membership:

1) Nigerians as CEO’s of 20 Fortune 500 companies

2) Nigerians as major Global Infrastructural investors

3) Nigerian owned led quoted companies

4) Nigerian UK Millionaires

The NBBF Youth Club Strategy:


(a) We will create an enabling platform for the incubation, birth and growth of entrepreneurship

(b) We will provide guidance on how to start, sustain and grow a business

(c) We will share experiences of successful business owners

(d) We will share business ideas and business advice

(e) We will Identify key sectors within the UK into which to launch our young entrepreneurs

(f) We will research potential funding groups investors both in the UK and abroad for members’ businesses

(g) We will through a series of seminars, workshops, courses, mentorship programs (both in the UK and in Nigeria) educate young Nigerian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with a 2 pronged focus:

 Business Entrepreneurship

 Nigeria, Her History, Her People, Her Potential and Her Opportunities.

(h) We will through a series of seminars, workshops, courses, mentorship programs, aim to fully equip young Nigerian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs ensuring they are able to:

 Seek out and evaluate varying business opportunities for viability

 Pitch to investors with a view to raise business funding

 Be skilled at managing business cash flow and finance

 Be equipped with the knowledge of how to gain the first 10, 100, 1000 customers

 Develop strategies for testing business ideas and designs with real customers

 Build marketing plans to increase customer base exponentially

 Develop a model that will support a profitable and sustainable business

(i) The highlight of the year will be the annual NBBF+Y National Conference.

What we want to do:

1. To ring-fence and connect young British-Nigerian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, mentoring, and supporting them into taking the advantage of the current state of global economies, and the opportunity of exposure to it.

2. To gather young British-Nigerian Entrepreneurs into a formidable voice, and to represent the Nigerian youth at international platforms / projects, and other international fora.

3. To Ignite and champion the right passion and hunger for innovation, business, education, progressive thinking, responsibility and entrepreneurship within our membership

4. To encourage and engender entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities within the group, for maximum impact and clout within the society.

The NBBF Youth Club: Who should join?

1) Entrepreneurs – Do you currently own your own business?

2) Entrepreneurs – Do you wish to take your business to a new level of growth?

3) Intrapreneurs – Do you wish to learn critical entrepreneurial skills to support innovation within your organisation?

4) Would be Entrepreneurs – Do you want to own your own business?

What’s in it for me as a young adult?

1) Information

2) Guidance on business funding

3) Mentorship (Entrepreneurial Intrapreneurial)

4) Effective and productive networks

5) Money management skills

6) Access to training and Education

7) Intellectual Stimulation

8) Discipline

9) Structure Organisation

10) Resilience

11) Decorum etiquette Manners

12) Integrity

13) Self Confidence

14) Self-Awareness