PROFILE – Mr Kola Yusuf


I have over 30 years of experience in the design, execution and management of City-wide scale Water
Supply Pipelines & Distribution Networks, Sewage Collection Systems & Management, Large Scale
Engineering Surveys High-Order Geodetic Surveys, Large Scale Mapping &, Global Positioning
Systems and Geographical Information Systems as well as Academic (University level) teaching and
research in Environmental Management, GIS, GPS, Mapping, Hydrology, Climatology, Remote
Sensing/Change Detection Analyses and Internet based programming along with ICT appreciation. I am
also an Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) Report Technical Review Expert with the Federal
Ministry of Environment.

A few of the EIA reports technical review committees I have participated in are; The Environmental
Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Proposed Petroleum Products Storage Tank Farm at Mosheshe
Industrial Estate, Kirikiri, Apapa, Lagos by Fatgbems Petroleum Company Ltd.; and The Environmental
Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Proposed Akassa Shore Protection and Reclamation Prpject, Akassa,
Bayelsa State.

Presently, I am the Managing director/Managing Partner of Dalkik Nig. Ltd., a Geo-spatial Information
Services based provider and Building/Civil Engineering Contracting Company.
Also at present, I am the Project Manager/Managing Director (by appointment) of Herbert Manuel
Stevenson (HMS) Nig. Ltd. HMS is presently executing the Completion of Distribution Network in
Oshodi-Mafoluku Service Area 4 of Lags metropolis for the Lags Water Corporation. My duties include
preliminary stages planning, recruitment of staff, procurement of equipment and planning of field works.
Am also responsible for collation of Progress Reports and Stage Valuations, Liaising with Client staff
and State Officials and New Business development. The contract entails the construction of numerous
valve, fire hydrant and inspection chambers; laying of ne water pipelines and House connections to the
existing water supply network for 1,800 house-holds.

At Dalkik Nig. Ltd., we’ve been involved in various aspects of building and civil engineering
construction for many firms and establishments. Notable among which are Ikeja Electricity Distribution
Company for which we have just completed a Geotechnical Soil Investigation for the construction of
some 33KVA transmission towers; BRS Helicopters Nig. Ltd. (Bristow Helicopter) – we are currently
engaged in the preliminary works (detail survey, topographic survey, run-off estimation and mapping) fr
the flood study of their facility at the Muritala Muhammed Int Airport omplex, Lagos; StanbicIBTC
Bank Plc for which I have constructed about 9 branches, 3 ATM galleries and a host of other technical
jobs. For StanbicIBTC Pension Managers Ltd, I have also constructed over 10 regional offices spread
across the country. Other notable clients include The First Group (Dubai/Nigeria/Ghana), The Heart of
Europe, West African Milk Company, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Ogun State Property & Investment
Corporation (OPIC) for which we recently constructed and handed over their Office/Showroom/Apartment complex at OPIC MTR Gardens Isheri, Ogun State – (Lagos area) and a host of other clients.

I was involved in the first and second phases of the As-Built Survey of the Federal Government Properties
in Ikoyi & Agege Lagos as well as in Ilorin, Kwara State.
I was involved in the design and implementation of the Ogun State Property & Investment Corporation
(OPIC) GIS. This entailed developing a Land Information System (LIS) for all their estates as well as
organising training workshops and seminars for staff in GIS and data acquisition and organisation.

I was involved in the survey and design of Sewage Collection Systems and Treatment Plants for Abiteye
Oil field, Escravos Facility and Tank Farm as well as Satellite Town Lagos Staff Housing Estate for
Chevron Nig. Oil Company. This involved the surveying of the existing structures and facilities on
ground, design of the sewage collection systems, the technical specifications of the entire treatment
plants, and their conversion to digital format using AutoCAD.

I was engaged as a Lecturer in the GIS Unit of the Department of Geography, Faculty of The Social
Sciences, University of Ibadan. My duties included teaching and instructor-led classes in various
undergraduate and post graduate courses. I was also involved in the supervision of undergraduate projects
as well as post graduate theses. I also engaged in various researches and general administrative duties.
At Reid Crowther International Ltd, Lagos, I was also involved in Geographical Information Systems. I
was the Assistant to the Manager of the Land Related Information Systems Unit responsible for the
designing, implementation and execution of a Land Information System Support Unit for the Lagos State
World Bank Assisted Lagos Drainage and Sanitation Project: Land Related Information Systems
Component. I had the responsibility of supervising the establishment of 26 GPS stations that were the
primary controls used for the LRIS mapping project component. I was also involved in project
supervision and development, organisation and management of the LRIS graphical and relational
attribute database. I directly supervised the data conversion and charting activities of the project locally.
I was also involved in the counterpart training of the staff of the Lagos State Lands & Housing office
under the LRIS project by the organisation and presentation of workshops and seminars. I was also
responsible for project monitoring, appraisal, and preparations of monthly reports and updates locally.

At a point in time, I was the Head of the GIS Unit of the firm. In addition, I’m also proficient in the use
of some GIS software like AtlasGIS Releases 4.0, ArcView GIS Release 2x, 3x, ArcGIS 8x, Idrissi 32,
MapInfo 5x, 7.0 and with limited skills in Arc/INFO release 3.5.1 and ArcIMS. I am also proficient in
the use of some automated mapping software like AutoCAD Releases 13 – 19, Autodesk Land Desktop,
AutoCAD Map 3D & Civil 3 packages, as well as Surfer 7.0.

I was also the Team Leader responsible for the production of “As-built” drawings for the entire Lagos
State World Bank Assisted Water Supply Distribution Project Phase I – Contract 6 involving about
286km of water pipelines. I was directly in charge of the field survey and their conversion to digital
format using AutoCAD. I was also the Assistant to the Chief Surveyor responsible for the survey and redesign
and conversion to digital format using AutoCAD of the Domestic Water Supply System of the
Chevron Oil Company Head Office/Residential Complex at the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos.

Prior to this, I was the Chief Surveyor, Leabub (Nig.) Ltd, Lagos. I was directly responsible for the
design, supervision and execution of surveys for the Lagos State World Bank Assisted Storm Water
Drainage Project of the Lagos Solid Waste and Storm Drainage Project for Adeniji-Adele Road Collector
Drains, Canals and Outfalls project on Lagos Island. This involved the survey, design, supervision and
execution of 8 concrete open Canals and the 2 Out falls as well as the entire collector Drains System on
Adeniji Adele Road. In addition the design, supervision and execution of the surveys of the AdenijiAdele
Road Re-construction Project were all supervised under his personnel guidance and responsibility.

While at Leabub, I was responsible for the design, supervision and execution of surveys for the Lagos
State World Bank Assisted Water Supply Distribution Project Phase I – Contract 5 and involved about
250km of Ductile Iron Water Pipelines from 100mm to 900mm diameter.

At Environmental Resource Surveys Ltd, I was the Team Leader for the survey of the Nigerian Armed
Forces Cantonment at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in 1990 and 1991. This required carrying out
a Controlled Perimeter survey and subsequently laying out the entire barracks over an area of about 900
hectares. Also, he was a Team member on the boundary survey of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja,
and they were responsible for demarcating Sections I and J, spanning a length of 20km, establishing the
boundary pillars and the intermediate pillars and creating a vista of 20m wide along the boundary line.

I was also a Team member on the survey of the Jibiya Irrigation and Water Supply Project, Katsina State.
The team was responsible for enumeration of farmers, surveying and delineation of their individual landholdings,
the survey for the dam and the reservoir’s limits as well as the irrigation canals channels. This
project was under the supervision of Sokoto – Rima River Basin Development Authority.

Further to this, I was a Party Leader in the team that executed the mapping project and established GPS
stations in the Chad Prospecting Basin, for the exploration department of the Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation. These GPS stations were further densified to the 2nd and 3rd Orders throughout
the entire prospecting area.

I was also a Party Leader in the mapping project at a scale of 1:50,000 of the Old Borno State for the
National Population Commission. These maps were employed in the delimitation of enumeration areas
for the 1991 National Census. The project included the survey and establishment of GPS stations, their
densification to the 2nd order, 2nd order traversing, levelling, and contouring and ground proofing of the
satellite imageries.