Official Welcome Reception

Coivd protocols

1. Only fully vaccinated individuals (who received Vaccination in UK, EU and US) can be admitted to the event in line with the UK Government guidelines effective from end of September 2021. Kindly send your proof of Vaccination (in UK, EU and USA) to on or before 30th September 2021.

By sending your proof of vaccination to you expressly consent for your vaccination record to be checked with the relevant authorities.

2. Although majority of restrictions have been lifted including the removal of limitations on venue capacity and social distancing rule, the government guidance emphasises personal judgement and responsibility.

3. Facemasks are not required/mandatory for attendance if fully vaccinated in the UK, EU or USA.

4. No isolation is required for fully vaccinated in the case of a positive contact during the event, but individuals circumstances may differ, please call NHS111 if you feel the need.

5. Should you test positive within 14days of attendance of this event, you must notify the event organizers immediately and isolate in line with the Government guidance.

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