Our focus at NBBF is to create an opportunity for creative and innovative minded people to be a part of our innovation club. The NBBF Innovation club provides a platform to develop and promote creativity and innovation among members; the club’s workshops and networking events are organised during the course of the year as a way of supporting and enhancing member’s initiatives.

We recognise the importance of supporting innovation amongst Nigerian innovators based in the UK as such support can make a major difference in their projects.
The Nigerian British Business Forum aims to host an annual Nigerian British Inventors Conference & Gala Night; this is an event designed to promote Nigerian ingenuity and creativity in the Diaspora.

Below are pictures and profiles of a couple of Nigerian British inventors who have made significant strides in the UK by virtue of their ground breaking innovation




Ade Andu


Plant Pal


Funke Ayoola


Wavepalm Mobile Devices

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