Innovation and Technology Committee

The aims and objectives

1. Supporting Innovation
– We will aim to support both existing and up-and coming inventors in our communities at home and abroad
-To encourage perceived disadvantaged groups we will aim to promote particular age groups and gender but not to the exclusion of others
– Opportunities will be made public through various platforms including existing award schemes recognising excellence in innovation and technology.
– We will identify and support young inventors from high school through college to university by running open and fair competitions through various institutions.

2. Mentoring/Business Development
– We will provide continuous support to successful candidates through a mentorship programme. This will include training on Business plan development and Design pitfalls
– We will create cell groups in higher education institutions to provide mentorship and also encourage peer to peer mentoring.

3. Investment
– In order for this committee to function successfully and realise this innovation agenda, we will need to raise sufficient capital which will be put in an investment scheme. This will be achieved by setting up a focus group managed by Mr Andu.
– We will invest in innovative ideas of award and competition winners using the investment scheme

Olufunke Gina Ayoola
NBBF, Innovation &Technology Committee