Funmi Brady


Founder of G-NUTS LTD (G-NUTS LTD)


Funmi Brady is the Founder of G-NUTS LTD. Married with twin boys; Funmi holds a first degree in Agricultural economics from the University of Ibadan and an MBA from Henley Business School. Passionate about social responsibility and healthy eating, the creation of G-NUTS Peanuts in February 2017 was a natural fit for Funmi.
Born and brought up in Nigeria, Funmi’s fond memories of eating peanuts (known as ‘groundnuts’ in Africa) from her childhood were the inspiration that led her to found G-Nuts. Peanuts, which grow in Nigeria, are an important food, eaten in a variety of ways: as a snack, enjoyed with fruits like bananas, eaten with cassava flour and used in dishes such as groundnut stew. Many women in Nigeria derive an important income stream from cooking and selling freshly fried peanuts from stalls in front of their house.

After moving to the UK, Funmi would always ask her mother to bring some peanuts over when she visited because the shop-bought nuts here are so salty and oily. Spotting a gap in the market, Funmi decided to set up G-NUTS. Production takes place in Nigeria by G-NUTS’ sister company, allowing for careful control of standards throughout the long, careful process.
Funmi is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged women by providing them with employment and income they would otherwise not have had access to.