About Us

The Nigerian-British Business Forum, an initiative of Afolabi Andu was set up with the express aim of achieving three major objectives namely; providing a platform where likeminded Nigerian Business owners in the UK can strategically work towards the building a strong sub-economy in the UK; deploy resources and expertise of Nigerian Professionals & Entrepreneurs in the UK towards nation building in Nigeria and finally establishing a platform that promotes bilateral business relationship between Britain and Nigeria. The Forum’s strategy of achieving these objectives will cover some of the following: 

 – Regular Business networking meetings

– Strategic relationship with British mainstream bodies – Access to Nigerian public & private sector organisations

– Regular business workshops, seminars & conferences

– Business Exhibition opportunities

– Identifying Investment opportunities for members

– Business Dinner opportunities

– A mentoring platform for young entrepreneurs

At NBBF we ensure that subscribed members are always at the very forefront of business opportunities as such opportunities are made available by the forum’s membership unit.